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The Alpha Sound

This is an audial interpretation of Alpha. What the audial nerve hears, the brain waves copy. José Silva crafted this sound after many years of research. When the brain is in a calm meditative state of around 10 cycles per second (in the range of 7 - 14 Hz) it is call the Alpha state. This is the most stable brain wave frequency. This is where maximum healing occurs, creativity, intuition, focus, calm, and the ability to manage and reduce stress. Use it to meditate, focus or play it in the background and you will receive all the benefits.

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The Theta Sound

Theta waves are very slow, and as such are associated with deep relaxation. We typically drop into the theta state when we are totally chilled out, before going to sleep or when we are meditating. The theta zone is between 4 and 7 Hz. The only state slower than this is the state of delta brain waves – when we are in deep sleep.

Jose Silva developed an auditory interpretation of the Theta Sound, available here. It is his concept, so have fun and enjoy your experience of using the Theta sound as a background sound to facilitate a deep relaxation during your meditation.

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The Silva Method Long Relaxation Meditation

Excellent for managing stress and enhancing the healing process. It also develops control of your mind and with practice you will become a calmer and more focused person, feeling better and better.

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Silva Method Pack for Forgiveness, Healing, Gratitude and Quantum Energy

This pack contains 5 guided meditations using the Silva Laboratory and Counselors to facilitate forgiveness of self and others, healing of self and others, using quantum energy to create and gratitude.

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Inner Child Forgiveness: Release Anger and Resentment

This guided meditation helps us to connect with our Inner Child to love ourselves, forgive ourselves and treat ourselves with compassion. It also helps us release anger and resentment from the past with regards to our parents and others.

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Silva Method Relaxation Pack

The Silva Method Relaxation Pack consists of both the long and short relaxation meditations with a "bring out", as well as both for sleep with no "bring out". These can be used anytime anywhere to recharge, to relax, to focus, to get more energy, intuition or to guide you peacefully into sleep. The Short Relax for a Quiet Mind is good for adults and children with ADD and ADHD and works best when used daily.

It also includes a bonus meditation of Love & Light.

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Mirror of The Mind Meditation Pack for Goals and Weight Control

The Mirror of the Mind is for problem solving or goal achievement. We recommend listening to it first once with eyes open to become familiar with the words. Then, just relax, close your eyes and follow the instructions. Practice the blue frame only once, then repeat the white frame till goal is achieved.

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Silva Manifestation Resources

These resources will be coming soon.

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As A Man Thinketh Bonus Videos Lifetime Access

These are the bonus videos from As A Man Thinketh Mastermind. They can be used as a supplementary material when you read the book, regardless if you have done the Mastermind or not. The content makes use of other sources and authors and is rich in its depth and understanding, especially of the MIND, the conscious and subconscious mind, helping a person truly understand themselves, their behaviours, develop good habits, eliminate fear and doubt, eradicate bad habits and create the life of their own design.

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Think and Grow Rich Bonus Videos Lifetime Access

Millions of people read Think and Grow Rich and do not get rich. Why not? In this incredible study, Jeanine will show you the secret behind the secret of Think & Grow Rich. These bonus videos have additional sources of content to enrich the study of this phenomenal personal development book.

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Jeanine Sciacca earned an MBA and spent twenty years in the corporate world, her last role as Director of Business Development. She is a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach and a Silva Method instructor.

Jeanine Sciacca inspires others to find their passion and purpose and to equip them with the tools to live their best life.